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STO | 7 - 8 November 2023
PPS | 9 November 2023

Dubai, UAE

Course Director

Dr Brian Quinn
Marine Consultant Associates
Edinburgh, Scotland

Mantle Consultant Associates focuses on providing advice and technical assistance primarily within the storage tank industry with our Course Leader Dr Brian Quinn having more than 40 years’ experience and expertise in the international storage tankage business industry. A Chartered Mechanical Engineer from the University of West Scotland, Dr Brian Quinn is a specialist in the use of aluminium alloys in complex Aluminium structures and has provided independent and practical advice on a complicated subject to many companies in the UK, Middle East and Asia, on the design and operation of storage tanks.

Prior to starting Mantle Consultant Associates, Dr Brian Quinn worked at Toyo Kanetsu KK (TKK) as the GM for the Middle East in Abu Dhabi, Resident Engineer of Mobil Oil based in Norway and Site Manager/Project Manager for Motherwell Bridge Engineering based in the UK and UAE.

What You Will Learn

Attending the 2-day course will enable attendees to fully understand the:-
  • Basic design and construction of various types of storage tanks
  • Terminology used in the storage tankage industry
  • Equipment specified and installed in storage tanks to control vapour emissions including a special focus on the Aluminium Dome Roof
  • Impact of hydrocarbon vapour emissions on environment and health concerns
  • How vapour emissions can be detected and measured 
  • Practical Measures for tank design and maintenance engineers to control vapour emissions

The 1-day course will provide detailed information for the procurement of storage tank equipment primarily:-
  • Aluminium dome roofs (internal)
  • Primary floating roof
  • Secondary seals
  • It will provide an essential guide and methodology for the preparation of:--
  • Enquiry documents
  • Quotation
  • Evaluation of Quotations
  • Purchase Order
The course will outline technical and commercial terms and conditions by document and the pitfalls to look out for in their preparation.

Who Should Attend

The 2-day course will be especially relevant for professionals in the storage tank business:-
  • Refinery & Import/Export Terminal Operators & Maintenance/Inspection Personnel
  • Tank Farm Operators
  • Tank Contractors
  • Proposal, Contract & Construction Managers / Superintendents / Engineers
  • Tank Consultants
  • Safety & Operator Personnel
  • Engineering Managers & Superintendents

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This 1-day Course will be of particular interest to Procurement and Contract Engineers who aim to prepare commercially competent Purchase Orders by enabling them to prepare a comprehensive Enquiry Document together with the Commercial and Technical Evaluation of Quotations received.

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