Essential Skills for New Managers

1.5-Day Course

Essential Skills for New Managers

Venue: Pullman Dubai Creek City Centre Hotel, UAE

17 - 18 April 2024, Dubai, UAE


About the Course

A New Pathway to Managerial Proficiency

Any new role or responsibility comes with new challenges which require new skills, updating existing skills, and letting go of some previously learned behaviours. This course is designed to equip new and experienced managers with the essential skills required to build rapport with the team, communicate effectively, solve problems using a structured approach, and make effective decisions while keeping teams motivated to achieve big business goals.

Course Objectives

Designed for new managers as well as those who need a refresher of management skills, this 1.5 day practical course will focus on developing essential managerial skills based on neuroscience, behavioural science, emotional intelligence, a growth mindset, and Six Sigma tools.

Embark on a journey to:-

  • Harness management skills through using neuroscience insights
  • Decode team dynamics with nature’s lessons and a framework for collaboration
  • Delve into the brain science of rapport building, team motivation and goal attainment
  • Cultivate problem-solving and decision-making abilities, addressing subconscious bias

  • Foster a growth mindset and unleash the power of words in team leadership
  • Master verbal and nonverbal communication for effective team collaboration
  • Embrace time management strategies and the art of delegation for enhanced productivity

Course Director

Ms Neetu Choudhury

CEO & Founder

Evolvitude FZE Dubai

Neetu brings neuroscience , behavioural science, and science-based studies along with Six Sigma-based structured approach to professional development in its most simple, practical, and interesting form.  With more than 22 years of corporate experience, Neetu helps organizations improve revenue by upskilling employees and inspiring them.  She has won various awards, including Best Public Speaker 2022 by Global Women Leadership Awards, Life Coach of the Year 2021 by Lifestyle Fiesta, and Top-Rated Speaker by ISACA USA for many years. Having won The Brand Ambassador Award, the CR Champion Award, and the Self-Development Award by DP World, she has spoken across the globe, been featured in international magazines, and published more than 100 articles.

As an author, speaker, and thought leader,  Neetu is an idea presentation expert, keynote speaker, strategic partner for startups, corporate trainer, and professional development coach. Neetu is a ASQ Certified Six Sigma Black Belt, EFQM certified Assessor, ISACA CGEIT, Certified NLP, EI, leadership coach. She is team leader and Sr. Assessor for various international business excellence awards.

What You Will Learn

Empower yourself to:-

  • Develop team management skills, using neuroscience, and learn to build rapport with your team
  • Understand team dynamics and address challenges effectively
  • Learn the art of delegation and time management to achieve goals

  • Cultivate effective decision-making based on structured problem-solving methods
  • Communicate effectively and read the room to build trust
  • Master effective management terminology, and develop a growth mindset

Who Should Attend

Getting managers ready for challenging roles in the industry, the course is designed for:-

  • New managers
  • Operation managers

  • Assistant managers

  • Team leaders, supervisors

  • Experienced managers to revisit and update some essential skills using the latest methods

  • Candidates identified for managerial roles in the succession plans

Programme at a Glance

  • Understand how the human brain functions in a team and how to build trust within the team
  • Learn various management styles based on different brain functions to build rapport and achieve goals
  • Explore neuroplasticity concepts for the growth, learning and resilience of the team
  • Learn teamwork lessons from nature and its relevance in the corporate world
  • Explore team challenges and strategies to overcome them
  • Study the model for team formation to performance
  • Learn the fundamentals of empathy in building an excellent team
  • Explore the benefits of collaborative problem solving and learn to define a problem
  • Understand different tools to solve a problem and find possible solutions
  • Learn the traps in problem-solving and how to overcome them
  • Resolve the noise and biases to make strategic decisions
  • Study tools and techniques to make quick decisions

Session 4: Science of Leadership Terminology
  • Learn the power of words and how the brain interprets the meaning of each word
  • Explore growth mindset leadership terminology, effective communication, and non-violent communication
  • Understand toxic positivity and microaggression words. Learn to give feedback that the team can use to improve
  • Learn the science and art of effective communication
  • Understand body language, expression, and tone of voice for effective communication with the team
  • Learn to communicate non-violently, especially during difficult times
  • Learn the effective delegation for managers
  • Explore the why, what, and how of the delegation. Learn delegation framework
  • Learn how to prioritize tasks while delegating and manage time effectively without burnout

Fundamentals of Refining Economics

  • Fundamentals of refinery economics and margin optimization overview
  • Tactical planning applications for maximizing refinery financial performance
  • Financial Metrics
  • Capital costs

Fundamentals of Refining Economics

  • Fundamentals of refinery economics and margin optimization overview
  • Tactical planning applications for maximizing refinery financial performance
  • Financial Metrics
  • Capital costs



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