27th Condensate & Naphtha Forum (CNF)

Exploring the Future at CNF 2023:
A Glimpse into the Global
Oil & Gas Landscape

Bali, Indonesia - From October 31 to November 1, Conference Connection's 27th Annual Condensate & Naphtha Forum (CNF) unfolded in a captivating exploration of the future of the oil and gas industry. Dr. Fereidun Fesharaki, the Conference Co-Chairman, unveiled his prophetic insights through the Chairman's Crystal Ball presentation, delving into the State of the Global Oil & Gas Markets. 

Delegates from nearly 20 countries, topped by Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, and Korea, gathered at this momentous event. The international community of condensate and naphtha, comprising NOCs, condensate producers, buyers, sellers, traders, refineries, downstream companies, chemical/ petrochemical and feedstock firms, shippers, and consultants, converged to gain valuable perspectives. 

Dr. Fesharaki's crystal ball offered a panoramic view, addressing critical questions such as the likelihood of a global recession, the trajectory of oil demand growth, the future of China, and the anticipated growth levels before reaching the peak of oil demand. 

Relive the highlights of this insightful event and immerse yourself in the visual narrative by exploring our ​exclusive photo gallery​.

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